Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm back!

Well, I am back from beautiful Britain (yes, still addicted to alliteration!) and I am buzzed! Seriously, I had a wonderful time and may even share some pics when I get them back. Mostly I was in Stratford-upon-Avon, so named because the town straddles both sides of the Avon River. The town where my friend lives is called Welford-on-Avon because it is located on only one side of the river. Betcha didn't know that didja? Oh friends, I am full of such trivial information but will not bore you with it! ;)

The best thing about the trip though was the time spent with friends - and one in particular. This next bit should be subtitled "Ode to Meryl." I have known her since I was 12 years old when she was briefly in Canada teaching music to kilted brats such as me. Not only did I go on to major in music but I also found myself inextricably drawn to God, and look where that's gotten me!

It's astounding to think that this friend has known me since I was 12 yrs old and we have weathered 32 yrs of life to become true friends. I'm sure we can all remember people who have had profound and lasting impacts on our lives and I am so grateful to still have one that continues to be a part of my life. The thing about Meryl is that she makes me want to be my best self, while I simultaneously feel like I am being my best self just by desiring to be. Can't explain it any better than that I'm afraid. The reason I mention it is that I'm quite sure she has absolutely no idea of the effect and influence she has had and continues to have on me. And how does she wield such power? By doing 2 things: loving me enough to let me be completely me, and by always considering me.

These are 2 such simple gifts but they change everything. Hope that as Christmas approaches, we all find ourselves blessed with these gifts and are re-inspired to give them to others. OK, that's it from Pollyanna--just couldn't help myself! :D

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Life, the roller coaster--what a ride!

It’s been an intense couple of weeks. I have visited 2 more seminaries and endured a week long sickness that left me flat on my back for 5 days and required antibiotics. Must develop a better way of handling stress!

I haven’t wanted to write because my heart’s been on a roller coaster. I loved the first seminary which is actually a divinity school up in CT. This surprised me as I’d decided ahead of time I wouldn’t like it—too this and too that. Of course I was completely wrong and had to own up to the fact that my attitude was born out of fear: “I’m not smart enough; I won’t fit in; blah blah blah…” I am such a silly child at times!!

The second seminary is here in NYC and I loved that just as much. My fears about the future are gradually diminishing as I begin to visualize the possibilities.

I was disappointed with myself this last week when I became sick. I couldn’t study or hold any coherent thought for that matter, which was a problem since I was scheduled to do the GRE this Thursday. Didn’t take me long to realize that that wasn’t going to happen but I didn’t reschedule when I should have and had to eat the fee. The self-loathing and recrimination were palpable.

Then yesterday, my boss exemplified the grace that I was so sorely lacking and in need of. Being sick ate up the last of my vacation days so that I couldn’t go home for the week of Christmas. I went and asked him if he’d consider giving me the time off without pay—I really want be home! He told me that that wasn’t necessary. He’s going to comp me the 3 days because he knows I’ll do anything that’s asked of me. Now, personally I can tell you that he’s giving me way too much credit but God bless the man!

And finally, I am on a plane this Friday night to jolly ol’ England for a visit with a very dear friend. She was my music teacher in grade 7 and she hung the moon if you get my drift. We’ve been friends now for 32 years and I’m thrilled to be spending some time with her. She lost her husband to cancer in March which was heartbreaking. They’re both young vibrant people and true soul mates. Life is so unfair at times…

Anyhoo, apologies for the length of this post. Blessings to all who stop by!

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