Friday, August 17, 2007

Missing but not dead and gone...

Have been very negligent with ye ol' blog of late, so will try to fill in the gap a bit.

Radioactive girl did indeed get busted at the airport. The ironic part was it happened on the fourth and final plane ride of the trip. None of the other airports had picked it up. On top of that the isotopes (sp?) were suppsed to be out of my system in a week. I got busted on day 10. Go figure!

I got back to the big apple in time to finish up 2 more weeks of work. Saying goodbye is exhausting. I had not anticipated becoming so attached to my co-workers. I feel really blessed to have worked with such good people for the last year and a half.

The day after I finished up at the job I was supposed to be on a plane at 7:45 a.m. to God's country (Canada, for anyone that's new here!). Well that was not to be for reasons that are still somewhat ambiguous. So after being up at 4:30 a.m. I turned around at 8:30 and went home. I ended up on a plane the next day at the same time.

Which brings me up to the present. I have been with my family in Canada since the 4th and it's been really wonderful. Where my mother lives is breathtakingly beautiful. I've tried to take some pics but don't know how to download them on this computer--will try to remedy that when I return home.

I can't believe that I start school the week after next. It's amazing how long it's taking me to get used to this idea. It still feels very surreal. I feel as if I'm teetering on a precipice and it's exciting and unnerving all at the same time. I'm sure I'll calm down once I've begun and I see what it's like. In the meantime I will continue the deep breathing accompanied by the occasional cocktail!

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